Our Vision

Who Are We?

Infinite Expansion Foundation is a nonprofit organization based out of Langley, B.C.   

Infinite Expansion Foundation was incorporated  by Augustino Duminuco on September 17, 2017, with the intention of making the world a more beautiful and happier place. Over the last couple years, we have hosted a number of events to help those who suffer from addiction and mental illness. Now we would like to re- focus our intentions and efforts on our true passion, helping at-risk youth. Youth at-risk of addiction, potential victims of gang violence, and initiations. It is our intention that no child should ever have to suffer like he did from the consequences of a gang lifestyle.  Augustino discovered his true purpose after he made it to the end of the tunnel and found the light. He built Infinite Expansion Foundation to serve as a platform for the bridge being built towards a brighter future, a future free from addiction and suffering. We plan to create a facility for at-risk youth between the ages of 12-18. It is our plan to combine Art Therapy, tutorship, mentorship, and employment skills training in an effort to combat the rampant opiate epidemic. Our goal is to help the youth regain a sense of identity through self-discovery and self-expression. Through compassion and love we aim to show the youth that the world does truly care about them. In conjunction with giving the youth a place of expression free from judgment, once operational the purpose of our afterschool program is to help students with there homework and provide a more engaged individualized aspect of learning for those who find school "boring." At this point our vision for our "Liberal Arts Mentorship Program" is just a concept. We need your help to make this dream a reality.


Our Team

Augustino Duminuco


Augustino is Duminuco is the Founder and President of Infinite Expansion Foundation. Below is a news article explaining his evolution into becoming a productive member of society.


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Kirk Jaeksta

Kirk Jaekstra

Kirk Jakesta is our Vice-president. He is n aboriginal from the Nisga’a and Tahltan nations. He has secured a book deal with three #1 New York Times Best Selling Authors - Les Brown, Marci Shimoff and Raymond Aaron. He is a top executive of the "Matrix Group" and since starting with them has built his own business focused around energy and telecommunications. His goal is to inspire aboriginal communities and at risk youth by sharing his story with them.

Graeme Martell


Graeme is the Director of Special Programs and Publications. He is very close to becoming a published author. Graeme considers himself a poet, a painter and a philosopher. He hopes to inspire others to create.


Concept Program

To find out more about our "Liberal Arts Mentorship Program" click the link below.

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